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Junkyard Empire With Andy Cohen, Bobby Cohen, Danny Bowie, Tommy Bostic. Some people try and find their fortune digging for gold. On Junkyard Empire, they see gold
Search Bobby Cohen Junkyard Empire. Its second season debuts Wednesday on Velocity Network starts out with just a few friends chillin' on the roof "Junkyard Empire" follows how father and son work around their relationship dynamic to keep the family empire thriving 20 Apr 2016 Andy Cohen and his father Bobby Cohen are the dynamic duo in Junkyard Empire TV show on
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Junkyard Empire features a father and son duo in Bobby and Andy Cohen, and they turn some of the worst shape cars and trucks into cold hard cash. Not only do they run a full-service scrap yard, but son Andy has opened an automotive customization and restoration shop on site as well, where they turn piles of scrap into cars worth selling.
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Bobby is an old school businessman who founded the scrapyard in his youth and Andy is the flag bearer of his old man. The former had apparently already semi-retired yet insists on "helping" with the day-to-day operations. They both feed off of each other and yet, somehow, manage to deliver projects successfully at the end of the day.
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