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A Heyoka empath is somebody that see&x27;s the world differently and goes against convention. In the way these empaths behave, they will alter people&x27;s perceptions and shift the situation&x27;s energy. Heyoka empaths act like a mirror to others. They can reflect people&x27;s emotions and traits, both positive and negative.
1. You use humor to heal. This is perhaps the primary attribute of the heyoka. This is why the heyoka is considered an empath and not just a comedian of sorts. While a heyoka may seem very silly .
Heyoka is a Native American term meaning "sacred clown" or "fool". Seems an odd terminology for what we now consider to be the most powerful type of Empath. The translation of heyoka gives us little clue into the true meaning the Native Americans tried to put behind the word.
Why are heyoka empaths rare Empathy, like all human behavior, exists on a spectrum. Some people are exceptionally empathetic, while others are not, with the majority of people falling somewhere in the middle. Empathy is also used selectively. A person who is overly sympathetic may not be sympathetic to someone who is attempting to exploit them.
An Empath is a person who has the ability to understand the emotional state of another individual. There are many different types of Empaths and many levels of gifts and abilities. Its one thing to be an empath, its another to be Heyoka. For the Heyoka Empath, there is little available information and yet is the most powerful type of Empath.
2022. 5. 28. &0183;&32;1) Heyoka empaths do not drain your energy. Unlike empaths, particularly if they are combined with a twin, heyoka empaths are not prone to draining energy from other people. They are very sensitive and attuned to all that is happening around them. These individuals know how and when to offer themselves in need and the effect is one of self .
2022. 7. 3. &0183;&32;Heyoka empaths have a distinct ability to reflect the negative traits of others. Heyoka translates to sacred clown revealing these individuals serve as expressive mirrors to people in their particular environment. Common traits include dyslexia, a young appearance, and an innate ability to help people express their less desirable traits.
11. Heyoka Empath. The heyoka empath is the most powerful type of empath. Known in Native American culture as the "Sacred Clown," a heyoka tends to be unconventional in their thoughts and actions .